Sunday, March 27, 2016


     This dark green wine bottle is filled with twenty tiny white Christmas twinkle lights to make a lantern.  The cluster of grapes on the front of bottle is made with small purple glass beads.  I used E6000 to glue them on.

     This is a close up of the clustering at the top of bottle.  I cut the rooster character out of a digital kit at Snickerdoodle Designs call 'My Little Chickadee'.  I printed one character and reversed the image so I could glue them together and mount them on a piece of wire.  It is setting on a bow made of raffia with silk wine leaves.  The honey bee characters are from my stash and were made the same way.

                                                       Thanks for stopping by...




  1. This is beautiful, Reene! So elegant, yet fun. I'll bet with the twinkling lights turned on this is amazing in a darkened room too! Thanks for using the little chickadee!

  2. Your wine bottle lanterns are exquisite, Clar, and I think this is the most unique (and prettiest) one you've ever done. LOVE IT!